• Magnetotactic bacteria, Josh Feinberg, IRM
  • Geodynamo models, Gary Glatzmaier, UCSC & Paul Roberts, UCLA
  • CHAMP satellite data, Stefan Maus, CIRES & NGDC
  • Magnetic reversals, Christophe Gissinger, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
  • Magnetite TEM image, Richard Harrison, University of Cambridge
  • Magnetosphere, NASA
  • Crustal ages, NGDC

Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and Electromagnetism

Members of the Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and Electromagnetism Section study the magnetic field, from Earth's core to other planets and to outer space, to gain an understanding of Earth's structure, dynamics, and history and its relationship to other planets... Read More

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Help @theAGU collect 100 Earth & space science facts in 100 hours! Share your Fact & figure today and we may feature it on our social platforms! https://t.co/GcLnNteJ3q #AGU100 #100HoursofScience #AGUHistory #scienceisessential

CROWDSOURCING: How would free flight time with an experienced team help your atmospheric research take flight? Pretend that funding and prior experience are not obstacles (but stick to the lower 48). What's your airborne research dream??

Meanders near the headwaters of the #Colorado River help sustain river water quality by absorbing metals and excess nutrients. New paper in Water Resources Research. https://t.co/LuDoWIBgSF
@BerkeleyLab @dipz08 @theAGU #AGUWRR #AGUpubs #innovateH2O

Be a part of the Geoscience & Society Summit’s exciting “Idea Expo” and submit your Innovation today. Submission deadline: 8 November, 11:59 p.m. ET. #geoscienceandsociety https://t.co/1ZETh6bmbN

"This study is expected to usher further research on eddies and their impacts on biogeochemical cycles, freshwater flux and salt and heat transports in the Bay of Bengal." Read more about what #AGUPubs Oceans editor has to say about Cheng et al. [2018] https://t.co/7XcxTwACLf

#hurricane Willa @NWSNHC: storm surge expected today along the coasts of Isla Maria, southern Sinaloa and Nayarit states. Hurricane winds along west-central coast and inland to mountainous areas. Flash flooding and landslides likely over southwestern and west-central Mexico

Strong monsoons in the Indian Ocean can induce easterly winds that push Atlantic Ocean hurricanes westward, increasing the likelihood they’ll make landfall in the Americas, according to new research.
News from #AGUpubs

Jomda County: a large, valley blocking landslide in Tibet on 11th October.
By @davepetley at #AGUblogs

Want to inspire the next generation of Earth and Space scientists? We're looking for dynamic speakers to share their career stories at Paths to Science Live! a new event during Fall Meeting. For more information, visit https://t.co/YO3gtW5Ugu #AGU18 #PTSLive

Check out these adorable baby paper nautilus hiding in jellies 😍 Almost nothing is known about these elusive creatures, and as far as I know, these observations are new to science! #DailyJelly Pics by the amazing Songda Cai: https://t.co/wwgrVHtusV

Imagine how hot the future will be by looking to your past https://t.co/nToxMYxa4I New post by @ecologyofshane highlighting a recent @theAGU #OpenAccess pub in #EarthsFuture. #climatechange #scicomm #AGUPubs #AGUblogs

There's A Weird Noise Coming From An Antarctic Ice Shelf @StephenAtHome @colbertlateshow says “sound of summer” via @YouTube @theAGU @BruSpringsteen

"... residents of British Columbia on Canada’s west coast have a higher risk of experiencing a damaging earthquake than previously thought."
At #AGUblogs from #AGUpubs

"Xinhua reports that on Wednesday of last week (17th October 2018), a very large landslide occurred in Menling County in Tibet, blocking the Yarlung Tsangpo River."
By @davepetley in #AGUblogs

Book review -- The Coming Storm by Michael Lewis is a Must Listen: "Lewis has convinced me that perhaps it is Wyle. E Coyote and not Roger Rabbit whose running things."
By @wildweatherdan in #AGUblogs

Three million pounds of frozen moose: "The largest members of the deer family live anywhere there are trees and shrubs in Alaska, from the Alaska Peninsula to the Beaufort Sea."
By @NedRozell in #AGUblogs

“I’m a black man in geology. There are like only 5 or 6 of us total.” Dr. Jesse Bateman @CDLS_UCLA postdoctoral fellow soil scientist and geochemist #marginsci @theAGU @NSF @UCLAIoES Tripati Lab group meeting

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