• Magnetotactic bacteria, Josh Feinberg, IRM
  • Geodynamo models, Gary Glatzmaier, UCSC & Paul Roberts, UCLA
  • CHAMP satellite data, Stefan Maus, CIRES & NGDC
  • Magnetic reversals, Christophe Gissinger, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
  • Magnetite TEM image, Richard Harrison, University of Cambridge
  • Magnetosphere, NASA
  • Crustal ages, NGDC

Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and Electromagnetism

Members of the Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and Electromagnetism Section study the magnetic field, from Earth's core to other planets and to outer space, to gain an understanding of Earth's structure, dynamics, and history and its relationship to other planets... Read More

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Picture a balloon & a hammer. Now, imagine that balloon & hammer bigger…and on Venus. That’s the type of stuff @SpacedOutSid of @NASAJPL works w/. Chat out our recent @ThirdPod chat w/ him https://t.co/unlULFyHT0
#SciComm @theAGU

Wakelet – the new (& in my opinion better) Storify https://t.co/OnzRejIuOV via @EcologyOfShane of @AGU_SciComm #SciComm #SoMe #SciSummary #SciSharSci #AGUblogs

In Geophysical Research Letters: Variability of Acoustically Evidenced Methane Bubble Emissions Offshore Western Svalbard

It can be hard to talk about failure…but that’s a big part of science. So, @ThirdPod chatted w/ @sarahstranded, @planetaryquakes, @motherofclams, Ryan Fogt, & Sandra Schumacher about their #fieldworkfails ! https://t.co/ltVthHkAcN #fieldworkfail #SciComm #PHDlife

In #AGUpubs JGR: Planets - In‐situ measurements of lunar dust at the Chang'E‐3 landing site in the northern Mare Imbrium

How can we understand historic river legacies in order to best manage and restore river ecosystems? As part of #AGUGrandChallenges E. Wohl explores this question and more.

https://t.co/pcWSDoQToT #AGU100

Many threatened areas have begun planning for, adapting to, & mitigating the effects of current and future sea level changes—and bearing the significant associated costs.

By @bhamlington at @AGU_Eos , @NASA @NASAJPL @chesapeakebay #sealevelchange #AGU100

Scientists and Planners Face Challenge of Rising Seas - Eos

NASA Sea Level Change Team Meeting; Annapolis, Maryland, 11–13 March 2019


Opinion: Flexible definitions of the word “climate” may impede policy discussions on #climatechange. Closing apparent gaps between “climate” and “weather” may help reduce the ambiguity.

By @geschichtenpost at @AGU_Eos , #AGU100 @HZG_de #climate

When Does Weather Become Climate? - Eos

Flexible definitions of the word ”climate” may impede policy discussions on climate change. Closing apparent gaps between ”climate&#...


A new study looking at the effect of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake in Japan on groundwater systems in China is shedding some light on how Earth’s subsurface can be affected by large #earthquakes.

By @theblondecoyote at @AGU_Eos , #AGU100 #aquifer

Earthquakes Shake Up Groundwater Systems - Eos

Increased permeability temporarily boosts water flow.


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