• Magnetotactic bacteria, Josh Feinberg, IRM
  • Geodynamo models, Gary Glatzmaier, UCSC & Paul Roberts, UCLA
  • CHAMP satellite data, Stefan Maus, CIRES & NGDC
  • Magnetic reversals, Christophe Gissinger, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
  • Magnetite TEM image, Richard Harrison, University of Cambridge
  • Magnetosphere, NASA
  • Crustal ages, NGDC

Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and Electromagnetism

Members of the Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and Electromagnetism Section study the magnetic field, from Earth's core to other planets and to outer space, to gain an understanding of Earth's structure, dynamics, and history and its relationship to other planets... Read More

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AGU saved some great sessions for this final day of #AGU18! Come check out my poster (765) this afternoon,- I’ll be sharing how student-generated stories in #ABT format can help develop science & information literacies & improved attitudes towards the @GlobalGoalsUN.

This afternoon I’ll tell a story called “Paradise Lost”, about being an earth scientist in this era of rapid warming. Rm 202A at 4:58pm, because #AGU18 is good to the last drop.

A Night at the Museums with tens of thousands of our closest friends! #AGU100 #AGU18 @smithsonian

Only a few hours left to show your support on #AGUgivingday and help take us over our $25k goal. Donate on-line. #AGU18 https://t.co/eCc1knty0I

Tell us what you’re looking forward to most about heading to San Francisco next year for Fall Meeting 2019 #AGU18 #AGU19

And then of course there's this bad news : Changes in global #beer supply due to extreme drought and heat. #climate #AGU18

Before heading out to a Night at the Museum, how about trying a local haunt for dinner? https://t.co/MY2rTq7Fbb #AGU100 #AGU18

Don't forget: your donation of $50+ to any fund can help your section get up to $5k for increased programming. One more good reason to make a gift on #AGUgivingday. #AGU18 #match #scientificengagement https://t.co/9SvONmxGOB

Global #methane is rising so fast that it literally went off scale. In two videos, I compare info from two satellites (Copernicus (who upped scale 100 ppb); MetOps 1) and ground obtained flask info.

#climatechange #climate #GHG #USA #UK #COP24 #AGU18

Methane Levels from Copernicus, Rise Literally Off-the-Charts

          Comparing Methane Levels from Copernicus, MetOps, and Ground Data: 1 of 2 // Dec 12, 2018 Methane levels are rapidly increasi...


Our forests’ future depends on us to integrate climate science into management - to help forests overcome climate change threats and to slow climate change by trapping more carbon. #NIACS @AmericanForests #AGU18

The Christmas tree at #AGU18 isn't only pretty but also very useful. Very easy to recognise and use as a meet up point during my #DayAtAGU18

Topping et al. “use modern suspended‐sand analyses conducted on #historical data to detect the previously unrecognized passage of large #sand #waves through a #river network.” in @JGREarthSurface #AGUPubs https://t.co/mEgCOxr2Qs

The Mars methane has vanished! First results from a hypersensitive European orbiter have thrown a new wrench into the decades-long hunt for methane, a potential, though unlikely, byproduct of life. #AGU18

Martian methane—spotted in 2004—has mysteriously vanished

The European Space Agency’s Trace Gas Orbiter deepens planet’s carbon mystery


Happening now at #AGU18: Icarus Worlds session in Room 207B. Exoplanets that get too close to their suns!

Scientists are finally comfortable saying #climatechange caused deaths and worse weather https://t.co/hIlltLhXZ5 via @PacificStand #AGU18 #NCA4

#MIT_WHOI JP student @gserratomarks presented the results of a project highlighting the importance of public outreach and local storytelling at #AGU2018. #SciComm #ScienceStory

For more information on the MIT/WHOI joint program check out whoi mit phd

Jamie Austin is matching all donations made to the Austin Challenge up to $1 million. Every gift counts and helps us meet out goal of building an even stronger Student Travel Grant program. Find out why it's important to Jamie. #AGUgivingday #AGU18 #AGU100

AGU Austin Student Travel Grant Challenge 2018

Jamie Austin, AGU donor and Development board member, discusses the importance of AGU‘s Fall Meeting for students attending the meeting. The vid...


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