AGU honors include Fellows, Union awards, medals, and prizes, and Section awards. Descriptions and eligibility rules of union awards can be found on the AGU site.

AGU Fellows

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To be elected a Fellow is a special tribute for those who have made exceptional scientific contributions. Nominated fellows must have attained acknowledged eminence in the Earth and space sciences. Nominations are due between 15 January and 31 March.

Union Awards & Medals

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GPE members have been awarded the William Bowie Medal, the Walter H. Bucher Medal, the Maurice Ewing Medal, the John Adam Fleming Medal, and the James B. Macelwane Medal.

Section Awards

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The GPE section established the William Gilbert Award in 2003 to recognize outstanding and unselfish work in magnetism of Earth materials and of the Earth and planets, including the whole range of research activities in which GPE members are engaged. It is given (no more than once per year) for excellence in at least one of the following categories: scientific rigor, originality, and impact; leadership and service to the GPE research community; development of new cross-disciplinary research areas and methods. By convention the award is given to a junior researcher in even numbered years. Junior researchers must be either 36 years old or less on December 31st of that year, or 5 years or less from PhD graduation on that same date. Any member can nominate a potential candidate. Nominations for the current year are due by April 15 and should be sent to the AGU portal for Section Awards. Questions concerning the Gilbert Award may be addressed to Catherine Johnson.

Edward Bullard Lecture

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The Edward Bullard Lecture is given annually at the Fall AGU Meeting as part of the Bowie lecture series inaugurated in 1989. It replaced the Allan Cox Lecture in 2002.

Outstanding Student Presentation Awards

Awards are given for exemplary papers presented by students at AGU meetings.