Section Awards

William Gilbert Award*

Ron Shaar 2016
Michael J. Jackson 2015
Nicholas Swanson-Hysell 2014
Catherine Constable 2013
Robert Kopp 2012
Joseph L. Kirschvink 2011
Sabine Stanley 2010
Dennis Kent 2009
France Lagroix 2008
Robert S. Coe 2007
Richard Harrison 2006
Jim Channell 2005
Andrew Jackson 2004
Subir Bannerjee 2003

* Awarded to early-career scientists in even years.

Ocean Sciences Award

Donald F. Heinrichs 1996

Outstanding Student Paper Awards (OSPA)

2016 Stanislava Akimova, Lydian Boschman, Daniel Maxbauer, and Pauline Le Maire
2015 Annemarieke Béguin and Anna Mittelholz
2014 Livia Kother and Elisa Piispa
2013 Andrea Biedermann and Becky Strauss

For additional information, see AGU Honors web site.